Why should we opt for ORGANIC based products ?

Updated: Feb 9

Among our contemporary generation there is a ever growing curiosity about what is Organic and what is the benefit of Organic food .

In India organic food certification is originally done by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).They introduced the The 'India Organic' certification mark.

In year 2017 even Fssai came up with their very own organic certification, jointly developed by FSSAI, APEDA and (PGS-India) on Organic food standards, certification processes, information relating to FBOs, their products and geographical areas in which they are available.


According to Jaivik Bharat organic farming is an Environmentally and sociably responsible approach towards how we grow our Food.

Basically it means :-

  1. holistic agricultural practices focusing on bio-diversity.

  2. maintain natural soil health.

  3. natural manures and chemical free inputs.

  4. etc.

What are the healthy reasons that should be looked at while considering organic food ?

According to organic trade union (USA) ,

> firstly ,organic production help reduce public health risks, mounting evidence shows that food grown organically are rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, with less exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues in organically grown fruits, vegetables, and grains when compared to conventionally grown products.

> Moreover , Organic farming helps reduce public health risks to farm workers, their families, and consumers by minimizing their exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals on the farm and in food, the soil in which they work and play, the air they breathe, and the water they drink.

>A research article published in PLOS ONE found that organic whole milk contained many-times higher concentrations of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids compared to milk from cows raised on conventionally managed dairy farms. Meanwhile, a research article in the journal Food Chemistry found organic soybeans have a healthier nutritional profile from conventionally grown or genetically modified Roundup Ready soybeans.

In Country such as India where about 80% of rural population is occupied in agriculture and most of the farmers are in lower income group . It has become more important to adopt Organic agriculture as it is more sustainable and it has given farmers a rise in their income and made it more sustainable

Most of the organic farmers in India use vermicomposting, bio-fertilizer (made from composted and compost manure in their farmland that leads to improved soil fertility levels and lessens nitrogen runoff-induced pollution to sustain a future for organic farming.

Even though the organic market can be very confusing at first and the ever looming question of authenticity of the organic products more often then never keeps us from opting for the Organics , we should take this leap of FAITH ! because after all we have nothing to loose .

And besides all the certifications and authenticity marks ,ORGANICS have a better TASTE and a BETTER FEEL .

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