How drinking tea can change for Indians ?

Tea has a very old history in India ,As large this subject can be we shall try to convey our point as better as we can .

The legend has it that there was a king in ancient India Who had his assistants put some spices in his hot baverage in a belief that this traditional Ayurvedic brew had some healing properties that could alleviate his ailments .

Some of these spices are even used today in our daily life and subconsciously or by traditional

knowledge passed on to us by our Grandparents to us . For instance Ginger brew in hot water

Mixed with honey is believed to be very beneficial for curing digestion problems or even relieving us of lungs congestions and alot more . In another instance Black pepper is used as a spice mix in brews as it is believed to stimulate digestion , cold shivers , coughs , etc.

Similarly cardamom is believed to have mood enhancing effects , Clove is used for antiseptic properties , fennel is used for bad breadth problems , so on and so forth .

In india Chai is based on tea leaves of tea plant , most homes and families drink tea made from dried tea leaves and with a variety of spices mixed in it (as per likings).

Preferred way of having tea is with milk and sugar as we all know all very well.

Now the question arises whether is this way of having tea healthy ?

Although some may argue that mixing Milk in tea may have some negative effects but such claims are still debated and devoid of comprehensive study .

Now a days there are plenty of tea companies claiming to give healthy products , they advertise their products without telling the customers the source from where they are getting their products Raw materials. Same goes for tea companies who are selling the tea by branding them on ancient knowledge of Ayurveda but they fail to realise that it is not the product but the effect that product might have on consumers health that makes a difference.

Most common complaint that people have after drinking Teas from these so called companies is that of feeling of Bloatedness in stomach and guts along with heightened ACIDITY .

From a common man’s perspective such side effects are critical because having these apart from creating discomfort in Daily lives also almost decreases the efficiency of work by half .

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